when i found you by Monica Louzon

you were floating on your back between the stars,
taking them in as waves lapped your body and your

naked chest sprouted hyperlanes that stretched toward
suns shimmering lightyears away, morning glories.

when i touched you, your eyes flew open and your gaze
cleaved me to you, your comet-tail arms wrapped me up, before

you launched us into the sky, sent us rocketing up and away
along space highways lined with whispers of stardust.

Photo by Guillaume Meurice from Pexels

Monica Louzon

Monica Louzon (she/her) is a writer-editor whose poetry has previously appeared in, or is forthcoming from, Quatrain.Fish, New Myths, and Honeyguide Literary Magazine. Her short science fiction story "San Cibernético" was published in the anthology The Internet Is Where The Robots Live Now. Follow her on Twitter @molo_writes.