Daily Science Fiction – May 19, 2020

The Cages” by Hilary Rose Berwick (327 words)

Tiny piece from a child’s point of view about a classroom with cages in the back. I get the sense that there’s an undercurrent of political commentary—normalizing the separation and brutalization of some children compared to others, it seems—but the piece didn’t paint a clear enough picture for me to get an impression of what issue in particular is being critiqued. I suppose the piece is meant to be open-ended for readers to project their ideas onto it, as there’s no description of the children and only a brief glimpse of deep-seated prejudice, but the overall effect for me is a muddled piece that is too vague to make a powerful point.

S. Qiouyi Lu

S. Qiouyi Lu writes, translates, and edits between two coasts of the Pacific. Ær debut biocyberpunk novella In the Watchful City is out now from Tordotcom Publishing, and ær other work has appeared in several award-winning venues. You can find out more about S. at ær website or on Twitter @sqiouyilu.